Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Find the Best Airfare When You Buy Plane Tickets Online

Airline travel has become an important part of life for people of all walks of life. You might be flying to visit dear relatives and friends across the country, or you might be a business professional with meetings and clients spanning all corners of the world. In either case, it is a likely reality that you are spending large sums of money on travel. When looking for cheap airfare
, you can buy plane tickets online to get the best prices.

An important part of the process when looking for the best airfares involves knowing when to buy, where to buy and how to buy cheap airline tickets. You can find the best airfare when you are looking on the right sites, at the right time of day and during the right season. It is a tricky process that might seem like luck for many, but for others it can result in savings of hundreds of dollars.

One essential part of finding the best airfare is getting your tickets well in advance. In most cases, when you buy plane tickets online, you have the best opportunity to plan your trip up to months before hand. You should always use this type of planning to get your tickets at least 14 days early. For most international flights, you will have to be at least 30 days early when getting your tickets. Occasionally, you may also find flight deals just couple days before the departure date. So, it is good to know the history of pricing of the particular destination.

When possible, it is also smart to plan your flight for a weekday. Whether you are flying domestically or internationally, weekday flights offer the lowest fares. Similarly, cheaper round trip flights can be had if you stay over at least one weekend. This means that you will not be flying twice within one week, or departing or arriving on a busy weekend.

It can also be very beneficial to consider a number of smaller airports. Many major metropolitan areas have lesser known airports that serve the area, and these airports often will serve smaller airlines that can offer lower fares.

Another popular way to save money on international flights is through consolidator tickets. These types of tickets are sold through independent vendors, and these vendors (consolidator travel agents) can often offer the tickets at very discounted process. This method can be very useful if you have a set destination, and can conform to their flying dates. You can save as much as 70% through consolidators.

Saving money on airfare is not just done through knowing where to buy and how to buy, but knowing what part of the day and part of the season to buy. Cheap flight tickets are often sold in the later parts of the night and early parts of the morning. They can also be purchased most cheaply for many locations in the colder months or so for called off season time. When people are less likely to be planning trips and buying tickets, you can buy plane tickets online in December for a vacation in May. In general, fly in off season and research the destinations you’re traveling to as this will give an idea when to buy and when to travel.

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