Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mysterious Travel Medical Insurance

Why to get a travel insurance?

Many travelers wonder what travel insurance is for and some reasons why would anyone want to get it.
These are very legitimate questions and you should do some research and weigh your options. The main purpose of the travel medical insurance or international travel insurance (you’ll have different names with different companies) is to protect
the money spent for your travel arrangements. Some of the things you need to be concerned about are the flight delays, baggage delay or loss, your sickness or just trip cancellation for some other reasons. Once you buy your flight tickets, book hotels, etc, you spend the money and you really cannot anticipate bad things happening. Travel insurance gives you a protection on your investment and the money back options depending on the plan you purchase.
You can get 100% of the money spent, but be sure to read small print or talk to the insurance agent so you’re clear on the conditions and coverage. 

Some insurance plans have “cancel for any reason” option, but they require you to purchase travel insurance within 14 days of your first deposit day.  Or the insurance may cover “preexisting condition”, but again there will be a requirement you need to meet to be covered. The requirements usually can be easily fulfilled and met and you can have your peace of mind for a fraction of the cost of your trip. 

When looking for international travel insurance, make sure you enter all the information required on the inquiry including the countries you plan to travel. If you’re not sure how many countries you plan to visit, the recommendation is add the potential, so you do not need to worry about that later. The insurance price usually does not change much, if anything, if you travel to one or 3 European countries. However, if you get sick or have any other travel problems, you travel medical insurance will cover all this.

When you buy you travel insurance, make sure you enter all the names as they appear on the passports to avoid any hassles at the foreign country. Other countries might not know local nicknames or name shortenings and therefore, might not accept the insurance, so you might end up making claims when you get back home. Even several hour flight delays usually are covered by travel insurance and you can get couple hundred dollars for that. If you land at the foreign country and your bags are lost or delayed by a day, you again are usually covered by travel insurance. So always do your homework, know exactly what your insurance covers and what is not covered.