Monday, February 24, 2014

Getting Crazy with Children: Airport & Onboard?

While many air travelers are already aware of what goes on at the airport and how to go through screening and security points, there are still these who travel with children that do not necessarily know all about what they can or cannot at the airport or on board. You have already purchased really cheap airline tickets, so did accomplish really big milestone and were able to purchase airline tickets. Now you need some tips how to travel with children and what’s waiting at the airport; this will ease your trip, save some time and unnecessary frustration.

Going through a security point can be not as lengthy if your child is in a stroller. There is a special line at the security point designated for business travelers, those in wheelchairs, and for travelers with children in strollers. By knowing this you will save some time and kid’s frustration and boredom while standing in line. 

At the screening point, always know that you cannot be separated from your children, especially minors. Small children or infants can be carried by you through the screening machine and you (as an adult) and your children can always refuse to go through these new imaging machines. You will, however, can be asked to go through a regular metal detector machine and or be checked manually by a TSA agent. Infants that travel in car seats or bassinets will be asked to be taken out as these seats will need to go through the x-ray machines as well as all the bags to be carried on board.

What you can carry onboard for children? There are some rules on this, but often times security agents are very understanding and flexible on what’s in the baby’s bag (or diaper bag) as long as you do go crazy like bringing alcohol or other adult  related items in a bag.  Medically necessary liquids, medication or baby food/ formula, or juice are usually exempt from the 3-1-1 rule. They are allowed in reasonable quantities when traveling with children. Officers may ask you to through away a bottled water as you can easily by it at the airport, but juice or teas are usually allowed without a question. The only thing you need to be aware of is that officers may ask you to open the items to do the liquid screening.

You may find a detailed description on TSA security requirements here .

Traveling with children can be a hassle, but it can also be a pleasant trip when you have all things covered like buying really cheap airline tickets, getting good seats on the plane on a preferred airline, and you just found out several more tips on how to behave in or expect from a certain situation.